The Eight Steps for a Team Build
The Smart Leader Leadership Framework

Build collaborative and aligned high performing teams.

All team leaders, and all team members, across the organisation, from the CEO to the front line, will:

  • understand the same leading edge leadership concepts;

  • use the same leadership language, and leadership tools;

  • have confidence that the tools are based on best practice organization psychology science;

  • possess the most simple and effective, integrated team performance tools.


You can deploy with one to 10,000 teams

Create empowering workplaces through leadership excellence.

Scalable for OD
  • All of organisation solution

  • Science based

  • Trusted leadership brand

  • OD/L&D, and coach accreditation

  • Full-suite of team development courses, team tools and pulses

  • Leader, Team, and Multi Team dashboards

  • HR Analytics & regression

  • Easy to administer

  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 quality assured

Simple for Leaders
  • Trusted leadership brand

  • Online training

  • Self paced

  • Coaching Clinics

  • Support from team development coaches

  • FIXIT toolkit

  • Benchmarking

  • Courses and team tools for leaders and team members

  • Learn same concepts, tools, and language as CEO

We boost our clients to get more sales

Many government departments are required to provide annual engagement surveys for compliance purposes. We are well placed to run these on behalf of clients, deploying our digital platform, logistics and analytics. Doing so removes the burden of this administrative process for our clients’ OD department.

This annual review can be a cornerstone of the monthly pulse process that provides senior management to keep an eye on the wellness and engagement of team and employees.

  • Easy to deploy and cascade throughout entire organisation;
  • Provides CEO with an enterprise dashboard that enables CEO to keep an eye on the culture and engagement through the business;
  • Courses and tools enable employees to learn together and discuss important leadership topics;
  • Cost effective solution for leader development and for onboarding and engaging employees and developing their team player skills;
  • Common leadership language and tools throughout entire organisation.
  • Provides a monthly monitoring of quality of leadership, culture, employee engagement, and risk pilot lights (bullying and harassment) that can be viewed at monthly or quarterly board meetings;
  • People analytics are displayed in an easy-to-understand multi-team, all-of-organisation Enterprise Dashboard in the Boardroom;
  • Mitigates the reputation risks of Chairs and directors who, otherwise, would only find out in the news media that their organisation had a toxic culture;
  • Identifies and quantifies the extra shareholder value that would accrue from improving the leadership and culture of the organisation.

You can deploy with as much or as little as you want.

The Smart Leader courses and tools are the most comprehensive on the market. Some of our clients want to use courses only. Others use tools only. Some want to go for train-the-trainer accreditation and adopt the DIY approach. Others want to involve our Smart Leader accredited practitioners to support their OD/L&D. Some large clients deploy the “Full Monty” – online Team Builder and Team Player courses, the full digital tool platform, along with OD/:&D training and accreditation. We put the choice in the hands of OD/L&D and we will empower them in their roles to operate in the way that suits their particular situation.

Our approach is to align all leadership concepts, tools, and processes across the entire organisation, so everyone is ‘singing from the same songbook’.

A comprehensive, aligned suite of courses, coaching clinics, and dashboards, to enable team leaders to build empowering work experiences, and high performing teams.

Angela Neely

OD Lead Smart Leader Academy


Enhance the CV of your leaders and OD to add to their credentials and sense of achievement.

Leader Accreditation

OD and L&D Accreditation

OD and L&D Accreditation

Accredited Team Player


Monitoring and HR Analytics are only half of the story.
Having the processes to improve the results is the value-creating half.

Smart Leader differs from other offerings in the market, in the following ways:

  1. Our sister company and senior level deployment partner, the Institute for Strategic Leadership [ISL], is the most experienced and respected strategic leadership and senior team development provider in Australasia;
  2. We provide The Full Monty – courses, leader profilers, team profilers, and dashboards – all from one supplier tools that are all deployed in one digital platform – a full kit, all from one supplier;
  3. We cascade the same leading-edge concepts, narrative, and processes, across all levels in organisations;
  4. We deploy SMART Evidence-based Leadership, and SMART Technologies;
  5. Our offering is designed and works effectively for all levels, including service managers and front line employees;
  6. Our leadership frameworks and profiler tools are developed and continuously reviewed by our LeaderLAB organisational psychologists, applying peer-reviewed theory and best practice R&D methodologies;
  7. Our company is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited, assuring our clients that we apply the highest standards of quality management.



While you, as OD professional will be focused on employee wellbeing and safety, your CEO and CFO will want to know how your OD activities will impact on financial performance.

Providing OD with the Capability to Empower Teams.

The level of engagement within your organisation is the foundation on which performance is built.

Providing CEOs with the Capability to Empower Organisational Performance

Fully engaged teams perform significantly better than less engaged teams.

In addition, teams that are highly engaged have cultures that are safe and empowering, which is reflected in increased wellness and wellbeing.

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Let's Work Together to Create Perfectly Aligned High Performing Teams

We regard OD and L&D practitioners as the key to an all-of-organisation cascade of leadership and team development. Our approach is to work closely with practitioners to confidently and effectively support them support their leaders build high performing teams. We are only a key stroke, or a call away.

Our learning processes involve online self-paced learning for OD and L&D practitioners, leaders, and team members, supported by coaching clinic webinars. We also provide access to accredited leader and team coaches to support OD and L&D when and where required.

A comprehensive, integrated, simple to use, digital platform enables OD and L&D, and team leaders, to monitor and develop team performance, and employee safety and wellbeing.

Our approach is to align all leadership concepts, tools, and processes across the entire organisation, so everyone is ‘singing from the same songbook’.

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