After twenty years of providing strategic leadership development for Directors, CEOs, General Managers, and High Potential Leaders through our sister organisation Institute for Strategic Leadership, our founder, Dr Geoff Lorigan, decided to set up a specialised team development service to support OD professionals cost effectively develop team leaders and team members, on-scale across organisations.

Our Mission is to cascade Evidenced-based Leadership throughout organisations

Geoff’s purpose was to create collaborative and aligned teams across organisations that adopt the same philosophy of ‘Evidence-based leadership’; understand the same leadership principles; use the same leadership language and deploy the same team digital performance profilers and dashboards as the CEO and senior leadership team.

While there are advantages to face-to-face workshops as a great way to develop senior leadership in teams in medium and large organisations, it is by no means the only way to develop this, or other cohorts.

Advantages of online development include:

  • It is often a more cost effective, and logistically advantageous way to develop busy people who are geographically separated or in a variety of lockdown situations;
  • Enables employees to undertake their training at a time, place, and pace that suits their schedule.

The Smart Leader Academy offers leading-edge team leader and team development online courses supported by live coaching clinics. These development packages provide leaders with self-paced, any where, any time online learning. Leaders are supported by a community to learn from, through, and with, supported by Academy specialists and experienced team coaches.

Similar training and accreditation is provided to OD/HR and L&D practitioners, so they can administer the organisation-wide development programme, be the Go-to supporter of team leaders, and also have the capability to present Team Diagnostics and Analytics to senior leadership.

Smart Leader Academy offers the development, and support for all-of-organisation. The development is accessible remotely 24/7, leading-edge, cost-effective, and affordable on-scale.

The Smart Leader Diagnostics and Analytics platform is specially designed by leadership experts and enables leaders and OD /HR and  L&D practitioners to apply evidence-based leadership to build empowering work experiences for team members across the organisation. The development courses provide the know-how and skills to safely and effectively use the tools, including the FIXIT Toolkit, that sets out instructions, videos, and team-build tips.

External trained and accredited team coaches are available to be drawn upon when needed. We also provide practitioner support through our Help Desk.

Geoff Lorigan

Founder and Director

Accreditation: FIRO B, MBTI®, NLP

Meet our Advisory Board

Biljana Juric

BS (Econ), MS, MBA, PhD

Jeff Jackson

ACA Accounting & Finance, AMP Harvard

Raveen Jaduram

BEng (Hons); MEng; AMP (INSEAD); Exec Prog (Stanford)

Geoff Lorigan


Meet our Senior Leadership Team

Geoff Lorigan

Managing Director

Demian Rosenthal

General Manager
BSc Psychology, Masters of Management

Jeff Jackson

Chief Financial Officer
ACA Accounting & Finance, AMP Harvard

Angela Neely

OD Lead
BA Education, Dip Teaching

Swetha Thomas

Customer Experience Lead
BSc (Hons), Psychology, MSc Occupational Psychology

Divya Somashekarappa,

Digital Lead
B Eng, Masters in Data Science

Laksitha Siriwardena,

Product and Marketing Lead
BSc Marketing, MCom (Marketing)

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