We train team leaders
to build high performing teams

and create empowering work experiences


We train and accredit your OD, leaders, and team members.

  • Our online courses are supported by 6-weekly webinar delivered coaching clinics for both those in-training, and those who have completed the courses.
  • These clinics are designed to share and make sense of learning and experiences with others, and to ask questions and get answers from our expert faculty and practitioners.
  • Coaching clinics bring the course material alive, as well as providing a learning community and leadership network.
Download Leadership Framework
Organisational Development

Full training and accreditation

  • Concepts

  • Tools

  • Team development processes

  • Team coaching skills

  • Practitioner clinics

Course Outline
Team Leader Development

Full training and accreditation

  • Concepts

  • Tools

  • Team development processes

  • Team leadership skills

  • Master Team Builder registration

Course Outline
Team Player Onboarding 

Mindset new team members

  • Shared-responsibility

  • How to relate to leader and colleagues

  • Understand team dynamics

  • Team charter

  • Team Mojo and engagement

Course Outline

We provide leading-edge team diagnostic tools.

Full-suite of Psychometrics and Team Profiler BROCHURE

Leader Psychometrics
Full training and accreditation

  • Wired-Up, Work With, 4Characters, Team Charter

  • Personality concepts

  • Application to leaders

  • Applications to teams


Team Pulse
Full training and accreditation

  • Mojo, Engagement, Culture, Risk Pilots, Team Effectiveness, NPS

  • Team profiling concepts

  • Application to leaders

  • Applications to teams


We have the experience and expertise
to support leaders, teams, and OD

“The Smart Leader team put leadership on our monthly management agenda, and enabled us to monitor the engagement, productivity and wellbeing of all our teams and all employees.”
Angela Neely

OD Lead at Smart Leader.

Formerly the People & Culture Manager
of a client organisation.

Trusted by Leading Organisations Across Australasia and the United Kingdom

We work with the Senior Leadership Teams of highly respected organisations.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Staff engagement is the key driver of organisational performance. With our tools you can measure it and enhance it.

“The Smart Leader Academy showed me where I needed to step up as a leader and what areas I wasn’t effectively communicating. Within the first three months our team engagement increased 40% and productivity increased 22%.”

Mike Taylor

BBT Digital – Founder & Director

Swetha Thomas

BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Occupational Psychology

Customer Experience Lead

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